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    時間:2021-06-12 09:48:06 英語作文 我要投稿




    春節英語作文 篇1

      When it comes to Chinese festivals, I like Spring Festival most, because the custom of Spring Festival is abundant, there are cut window flowers, setting off firecrackers... Among them, I like to set off firecrackers.

      One Spring Festival, I went to buy firecrackers with my father. In the evening we go and set off firecrackers. First we put a firecracker like a birthday hat. I lit the fuse with a lighter, only to hear the "hiss" and then the top of the birthday hat blew out a colorful spark, red, green, yellow... Then we played "little flying saucers" and saw the little flying saucer twirling and flying to the sky in a moment.

      Playing while playing, I suddenly asked my mother: why do you want to set off firecrackers during the Spring Festival? "The mother replied," it was the ancients to scare away nian. What is the year? The year was a monster. He ate birds and beasts, and he ate the living. He always appeared on the last day of December, but he was afraid of the red, the light and the noise. So people thought of setting off firecrackers to scare off nian. "Ah, I see!

      Now I know why firecrackers are set for Spring Festival.

    春節英語作文 篇2

      Things Happened in Spring Festival Today, I went shopping with my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a rare occasion because we hardly only get together few times in a year as a big family. On the way to the shopping mall, we watched the lion dance. Overall, we had an unforgettable day.

    春節英語作文 篇3

      Tangshan is my hometown, and I like the interesting Spring Festival there. On New Year's Eve, every family will eat sweet, sticky candy, heralding a new year round, sweet sweet honey. In addition to sesame candy, we also eat dumplings, followed by the dinner on New Year's Eve.

      Eat sweet if we start the dinner on New Year's Eve, the children the most love project - shooting. Each of our children was set up with five kinds of firecrackers. I saw the fireworks ran into the sky, as quick as lightning.

    春節英語作文 篇4

      The Spring Festival is rich in color, is a “ the color ” the Spring Festival. Look, the door of every household has already been attached to a couplet with a happy, red and red fire. The window is hung with red sausage marinated and cured beef, yellow chicken and duck, and bound “ ” wrapped around the hoof and silver fish. Look at the table, steaming green vegetables, yellow chicken smell, and Hot pot in bubbling and boiling riotous with colour ingredients with … … more than that. Many colorful clothes is to let you see: red, yellow, green, warm calm, steady light brown … … the Spring Festival, because of these colors, let the cold winter is no longer monotonous.

      Hear the crackling sound of firecrackers, listening to the tinkling laughter of children, listen to the laughter of the blessing, this is a &ldquo ” sound; the Spring Festival, our children will buy some candy, hand guns, rockets and flowers firecrackers. The candy gun put up crackling, a spark to the sky in the night, exceptionally bright, like a blossoming flower in full bloom. Go before puff, then the chirp sound, rushed up. It is more fun! It took the fire in his hand, he steps off sparks as dazzling as the rocket plume! At night, many of the more colorful fireworks, and stamped xiangcheyunxiao.

      To the Spring Festival, we will prepare a lot of snacks, this is a taste of “ ” the Spring Festival, Spring rolls is golden, bite, and crisp, filling inside a vegetable flavor, there is a special kind of meat. Try the sausage, coke, spicy, sweet, slightly sweet. The horns crisp, the outer layer of white material has a sticky rice fragrance, which is sweet and sticky maltose. There are sauced beef, chicken legs, rice wine … … you can't eat it all!

      The Spring Festival is a festival with love, blessing the sound, filling in the ear, happy laughter and joy. The taste of the new year is inescapable. The busy spring festival is carried out happily in the sound of firecrackers and greetings. Do you realize the strong flavor of the year?

    春節英語作文 篇5

      The Spring Festival is a favorite of children a day, I was no exception. On Spring Festival, I am particularly pleased that you want to know why? It is better for me to tell you it! Danian Ye because, I must personally against the write affixed to the door. I hope that you hope that you and so on and so on, until at last the day. Good morning, my mother and breakfast, began to put the couplet.

      I wrote a lot of the couplet, "day by people Zengshou years, the Spring Fu Man on earth" and "the motherland spring, more than the well-being of the people." The election which piece? Her mother said: "The days of the years by people Zengshou, the grandfather of this to be more appropriate, we have a home which you elected Grandpa to be more appropriate, we have a home where you decide the election.

      "I thought, elected on a couplet of this couplet on the Alliance are: good spring of the motherland; Xia Lian is: well-being of many people. Couplet selected, the mother began to put her in the upper right corner of the couplet , In the lower right corner, the upper left corner, a transparent plastic affixed with a lower left-hand corner. When I am in the side assistant, a short while couplet posted on it.

      Couplet looked at the site, as if I saw the prosperity of the motherland, to see if the motherland is in the spring So vibrant, but also to see if the mother's life of the people happy, they are better today for the motherland and Acura. At this moment, I can not help Recitation of this couplet from: "The motherland spring, more than the well-being of the people." Father then walked over, patted me on the shoulder and said: "You write very well, I had more than once." Listening to Dad Dad, I'm sweet, I think: this year's Spring Festival, it can be really interesting.

    春節英語作文 篇6

      Spring Festival is the most important festival in China.It’s to celebrate the lunar calendar ‘s new year.

      In the evening before the Spring Festival ,families get together and have a big meal.In many places people like to set off firecrackers.Dumplings are the most traditional food.Children like the festival very much ,because they can have delicious food and wear new clothes.They can also get some money from their parents.

      This money is given to children for good luck.People put New Year scrolls on the wall for good fortune.The Spring Festival lasts about 15 days long.People visit relatives and friends with the words “Have all your wishes ”.

      People enjoy the Spring Festival ,during this time they can have a good rest.

    春節英語作文 篇7

      An important activity during the Spring Festival is bainian (to pay a New Year call). People start to pay New Year calls from the lunar New Year#39;s Day, that is, the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar. Ever since the Ming Dynasty in the 14th century, ordinary people have begun to exchange greeting cards on this day.

      On the morning of the lunar New Year#39;s Day, people get up very early and call on others. The earlier one does so, the more sincere he is. Moreover, people wear new clothes and a new cap, symbolizing that a new year has begun.

      The younger generation should call on their elders first, such as the grandfather, grandmother, father and mother, wishing them "Good health" and "Long life". Then the elders give children some money in a red envelope as a New Year gift. After that, people call on their relatives, friends and neighbors. As "big tangerine" is a homonym for "very lucky" in Chinese, so people often present red big tangerines as a gift while paying a New Year call.

      Nowadays, besides greeting cards, people also use telephones and e-mails to pay New Year calls.





    春節英語作文 篇8

      Our traditional culture is rich and colorful and has a long history. There are calligraphy, ceramics, Chinese painting, paper cutting, silk, wine, tea... Among them, my favorite is the traditional holiday.

      Every year, every family is busy, and my family is no exception. At this time, the division of labor began, and my mother and I went to buy cakes, dumplings, couplets and Chinese knots. Father went to buy fireworks and lanterns. In a few moments the house was stacked with big sacks. So I was busy. I stepped on the bench and hung a big red Chinese festival on TV. Dad hung red lanterns around the house. Mother is busy making pastries. My father and I were too busy to put glue on the couplets. The family is in a state of joy. "Oh, at last! "I said, wiping my sweat. "Mom, is the cake ready?" Mother brought a plate of pastry and a large bowl of dumplings on the table. Our family gathered around the table to eat the cakes and dumplings made by our mother, and talked about the gains and losses of the year. Dad said, "after a year, you are one year older and we are one year older. You have to study hard." I really don't want to grow up listening to my dad. Every time I grow up, my father and mother are a year old. I wish they were young forever. Mom and dad also took out the lucky money and said to me, "happy New Year, healthy growth and happy every day!"

      This year's Spring Festival is really fun and busy!