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    時間:2019-09-29 08:14:53 面試自我介紹 我要投稿


      Im Cheers.Lee, Im twenty-six year old, I majored in E-business and with a bachelor degree. Im single. And I love software testing, as the software quality is vital to the companys customer, it also could improve the companys image, so quality is the best policy. We must devote all my energy to assure the software quality.


      The position which Ive come to apply is senior software testing engineer. I have three years work experience, one year and a half of function testing experience and one year of performance and automation testing experience. I have been reading up on software testing, especially on performance testing and automation testing. Im quite familiar with performance testing toolLoadRunner, and familiar with automation testing tool QTP. Im good at developing performance testing script base on C language in web system, and also have good skills in develop QTP script.

      As we all know that software performance has become more and more important, while thousands of the users log in the system or visit the website simultaneously, the problem may occurred, the system crash or the server deny to provide the service to the user, so the performance testing need to be done before the software delivered to our customers.

      We also benefit from the automation testing. There is always a lot of function testing or regression testing need us to finish in a short time. But we do not have enough time and sufficient human resource to complete it, how should we do? So the automation testing is the best solution. It cut down the costs, improve the work efficiency, save our time and energy. Its advantage is not merely as so.