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    時間:2021-06-02 19:33:54 高考語文 我要投稿




      1. Temperature rising, hot summer! I like sunny days inexplicably. Even in summer, the sun is still shining. The college entrance examination is also warming up. The students in the college entrance examination want the rising sun and wish them all success.

      2. If the college entrance examination is a battle, then you are the general commanding the battle. Come on, take up the solid brush strokes in your hands, command with your intelligent mind, and defeat the difficult problems. Come on, I believe there will be your good news.

      3. College entrance examination, this is an endless, merciless, endless battle, in those most hopeless years, for that ray of light, we cried, laughed, insisted, despair. But never give up, and now we are about to set foot on the battlefield, no matter success or failure, no regrets.

      4. There is a flower budding, there is a trace of wind ready to move, there is a bird wings will fly, there is a kind of strength. There is a man with lofty ideals and a wish to fly to the blue sky. Spread the invisible wings and fly!

      5. No matter how hard the road ahead is, no matter how cruel the ending is, my brother will accompany you with the last glass of wine. Drink this glass of wine and set out on the journey tomorrow. They are proficient in all kinds of weapons, weapons and sticks. They are better at writing than fighting. College entrance examination, we are not afraid!

      6. You can swim in the sea of books and sail in the clouds with diligence. For several years, I have not been afraid of hardship. Now I rely on my sword to shine. My mind is full of talent, and my writing is full of brilliance. High school at one stroke a good Huakui, self-confidence to a good future. On the national college entrance examination day, may the students return victoriously.

      7. Ten years of sharpening the sword to shine, the tip of the pen to shine, many strength, self-confidence, full of heart not panic, full of blood on the battlefield, meaningful thinking, heart hidden, the key knowledge never forget, ride the wind and waves will sometimes, the golden list title will be brilliant. On the national college entrance examination day, I wish candidates a smooth college entrance examination and success in their studies!

      8. I have been studying hard for more than ten years, just for today. The college entrance examination field is not flustered, calmly answers the question, the heart is smooth. He is quick in thinking, accurate in examining questions, and able to tackle difficult problems. At present, parents, relatives and friends praise the title of the golden list. I wish you good results in the college entrance examination!

      9. Cultivate the tree of knowledge and water it with diligence. Ten years of uninterrupted, tree branches and leaves. When I enter the examination room today, I turn the branches into pens. The pen is as deep as a spring, and the talent is so quick. Answer the test paper perfectly and leave the test room with confidence. Take the fragrance of Osmanthus fragrans and repay ten years of work. On the national college entrance examination day, I wish the candidates a happy return.

      10. Travel through the sea of books, work hard for the boat, there is joy in the pain. At present, I am confident to enter the examination room and determined to write a good life. Talent to answer papers, learn to think. Todays event brings happiness to life. On the national college entrance examination day, I wish many students a bright future.

      11. After ten years of hard work, today the sunflower is blooming. Thousands of candidates work hard, young talents show their style. When I write, I think like water. I smile and answer easily. At this time, there are fish leaping over the dragons gate. On the national college entrance examination day, I wish candidates a good start.

      12. Ten years of hard study in the cold window cost my parents hard work. The wish of parents in the world is that their son will become a dragon. Save your energy for today, and rush for the college entrance examination. If you show your real talent and study, you will win. Dont worry, mom and dad.

      13. Not afraid of difficulties, not nervous, relaxed and calm without pressure. Read the answers carefully and write carefully. Self confidence and success, smile and win the future. Its the right time to win the title. On the national college entrance examination day, I wish the students good news.

      14. Twelve years of hard work and achievements in the field of knowledge. In the examination room, I worked hard to finish all the difficult and easy questions. Happy heart out of the examination room, smiling face, good news. Family and friends are all smiling, congratulations and praise. I wish you success in the college entrance examination!

      15. Many students work hard, and years of hard work are fragrant. Today is like a battle, a cavity full of blood chest. Thousands of talents are hidden in the heart, writing is like a spring, thousands of books are written. With a smile out of the examination room, the golden list title is flying. On the national college entrance examination day, I hope candidates will win brilliant achievements.

      16. On the occasion of college entrance examination, relax the pressure. Get in early to avoid crowding. Answer skills, mind. Read the questions carefully, then the difficulty comes first. Get rid of distractions and follow the rules. When encountering problems, calm down and sort out. Its good to check carefully.

      17. Every year and every year, I study hard in the cold window. Summer and June are wonderful times. Thousands of difficult students, red luck will be the leader. Galloping in the college entrance examination field, showing the heroic posture. Blessing tomorrow, bright smile. As the sun and the moon pass by in a hurry, the golden list hangs its name.

      18. Three years of wind and rain more baptism, a few waves split, ten years of hard work, infinite hardship, hidden dream, today calmly walk examination room, the Ming Dynasty natural and unrestrained world know! The rainbow after the storm, I wish you everything you want!

      19. Three years have passed in a hurry, with hard work and hard work. Hard work has become a dream. Todays college entrance examination is a great success, and the next year will be a flying dragon. The normal mentality, the examination room war, studies certainly obtains the success!

      20. How wonderful college life is, how wonderful life is. Ive been studying hard for ten years, and Im looking forward to the college entrance examination today. Read carefully and answer carefully with confidence. The whole family laughs when they win the nomination. I wish you: excellent in character and study, good grades, Tsinghua University to choose.

      21. In a hurry, its time for college entrance examination again; He is full of pride and lofty aspirations; Schoolmate carries, the exploration compares the intelligence; Life is long, how long is the struggle? Cherish all, dont wait to die. College entrance day, I wish to seize the opportunity to embrace success!

      22. Send off the fragrance of May flowers and welcome the time of peach and plum in June. College entrance examination is around the corner, Ill send you a short message: you can ignore me, but you cant lose yourself; You can not read messages, but not without self-confidence, wish the college entrance examination smoothly!

      23. On this day, we will fight together in the examination room with firm steps; On this day, answer the password of fate, wipe out thousands of troops and horses; On this day, with nervous, careful examination; College entrance day, I wish my friends all the best!

      24. You are about to take the college entrance examination. I found thousands of blessing words in Baidu and countless auspicious words in Sogou, but I think they are too vulgar. I just want to sincerely say to you: handy, smooth college entrance examination, ten years of efforts, todays success!

      25. I wish you a high score in the college entrance examination and a leap in the dragons gate! come on.

      26. Cherish the short time, see the unity of the city, strive for the first; Its a long time to arrange in detail. Who is the fight?!

      27. On a sunny day in June, the college entrance examination is just ahead of us. We have been studying sages for ten years; Learning is not a one-way street. There are thousands of ways to go. You should be calm and take the exam calmly. Its gratifying to be on the list, but dont worry if you lose your name! I wish the college entrance examination a great success!

      28. Be grateful and never give up! Even in the most severe rain, we should have the courage to look up and face the front. Because please believe: any suffering experience, as long as it is not destruction, is wealth!

      29. At the peak of the college entrance examination, the confidence of the students is greatly increased. He is not afraid of true ability and practical learning, and his writing and thinking are meaningful and natural. Ten years of sharpening the sword, the flowers show fragrance. A successful and happy exam! I wish the college entrance examination success!

      30, 12 years of hard work, 12 years of dedication, 12 years of free flow, 12 years of cold window countless. Have a good sleep, have a good dream, and have more confidence. You will surely have a bright future.

      31. Without melody, there will be no poetry and no color. What kind of life is that? May spring give you gorgeous colors, endless hope and bright future.

      32. Sometimes, if you are free and easy, you will see a bright future in front of you; A little tolerance, the heart will be vast. The world around us is often wiser and more tolerant than we think.

      33. Ten year window, sowing hope; A test paper, cultivate the dream; With a pen, the list of nominees is gold. College entrance examination is around the corner, put aside the tension, put aside the panic, gallop examination room, victory is in sight. Wish the college entrance examination smooth!

      34. Challenging life is my choice without regret, and winning the college entrance examination is my unremitting pursuit;

      35. Its almost the day of the exam. I hope you can do voluntary work, have a good meal, listen to relaxed words and have a good sleep. Keep yourself in a good and calm state of mind, dont be too nervous, I believe your dream will come true!

      36. You have a colorful world: May you, and I believe you, have another brilliant picture.

      37. If you dont pay, there will be no harvest. Its the uphill road that is the most difficult for people. If you believe that you can succeed, you will succeed. Work hard, hope will belong to you.

      38. Be fully prepared, relax, examine the topic carefully, answer calmly, write neatly, complete the steps, hand in the papers carefully and do well. I wish you success in the college entrance examination.

      39. Its another year of college entrance examination. I wish you wholeheartedly. I sincerely accompany you with two wishes. I remind you to take the exam calmly with three wishes. I accompany you with four good luck. I am careful to do it with five wishes.

      40. Every day is a starting point, every day there is a little progress, every day there is a little harvest!

      41. Only when there is confusion can there be thinking; only when there is bitterness can there be taste; only when there is pressure can there be a goal; only when there is fatigue can there be sleep; only when there is loss can there be gain; only when there is hard work can there be wealth; when the college entrance examination is coming, there will be a return after ten years of hard work. I wish you success!

      42. First, eat well and keep up with nutrition; Second, sleep soundly and be energetic; Third, be in a good mood and not panic when you are in trouble; Fourth, good luck and excellent performance. College entrance examination is coming, I wish you calm, play the best!

      43. Yesterday sowed the seed of diligence, today a fight will succeed. A carp leaps to become a dragon, and a roc spreads its wings to shake the sky. The future is bright, the dream comes true, and the royal guards return triumphantly in the spring breeze. I wish you high school. The college entrance examination is smooth, wish you success!

      44. I know that you are experiencing an important challenge in your life. Maybe you have anxiety, fear and excitement, but I want to say, please dont forget all the people around you who care about you. We are your strong backing.

      45. Hold up the submachine gun of the college entrance examination, face the college entrance examination without panic, calmly face the difficulties, the college entrance examination will win the good news! College entrance examination is around the corner, calm, careful answer, will be smooth! I wish you excellent performance in the college entrance examination and a surprise for your relatives and friends!

      46. Count down for you. We are going to the battlefield in a few hours. I hope you can relax and dont be nervous. I know you always study hard and do well. I believe you can do well in the exam!

      47. I wish all the students a golden title!!! Believe in yourself, you are the best.

      48. Tired, evaporated with sweat; Irritable, with efforts to wash; Pressure, release with enthusiasm; Bitter, with calm me< Color, add with dream; Scenery, with happy description; On the day of college entrance examination, greetings are expressed with blessings. I wish you all the best and you can take the number one!

      49. a hard work, a harvest, God will never forget to study hard! Try to take the exam, because heaven rewards diligence. Bold to test, there is no need to worry, worry about gain and loss, natural I will be useful! If some nervous, tell oneself: "nervous" also is a kind of excitement actually, also be helpful to develop. Proper tension is normal and necessary. I wish all college entrance examinees calm!

      50. Tears are not our answer, struggle is our choice.






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