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    時間:2021-06-02 18:27:32 高考語文 我要投稿




      1. Even if you climb to the top of the mountain, you can only take one step down-to-earth at a time.

      2. Last night more minutes of preparation, today less hours of trouble.

      3. Action is the ladder to success. The more you do, the higher you climb.

      4. There is no constant victory, only constant saving.

      5. The closer you get to the exam, the more you have to work on a solid foundation.

      6. Laugh at the peak of life, only suffering more positive results.

      7. Confidence is half of success.

      8. Seize the time, review skillfully, study hard and practice hard to achieve good results.

      9. The eagle strikes the sky, the wind is strong, and the waves soar in spring.

      10. Spiritual adult, knowledge and attitude.

      11. There is no hope in hard thinking, but there is ambition in hard work.

      12. Study hard, think hard, ask hard, drill hard.

      13. At the end of the day, I wont come back.

      14. A hard year benefits a lifetime.

      15. Head hanging beam, cone piercing bone, womens writing wonderful ambition.

      16. The most difficult question for you is not necessarily the last one.

      17. Even now, opponents are constantly turning the pages.

      18. No matter how cold the stone is, sitting on it for three years will make it warm.

      19. Try and win.

      20. Im afraid those who have never failed have never succeeded.

      21. Be strict on weekdays and be calm in the college entrance examination.

      22. Dont find a reason for failure, but find a way for success.

      Take a nap now, and you will dream; And now study, you will realize your dream!

      24. Those who have a will will have thousands of plans, while those who have no will will only feel the difficulties.

      He who sows with tears will surely reap with a smile.

      26. Fight for college entrance examination and change fate. Many setbacks, many battles, many heroes.

      27. Simulation results must not become a burden or a shadow.

      28. A persons bankruptcy is despair, and his assets are hope.

      God helps those who help themselves. If you want, you can.

      30. As long as the road is right, we are not afraid of a long way.

      Dont put off today till tomorrow.

      32. The establishment of great achievements in life lies not in knowing, but in doing.

      Daydream can come up with many wonderful ideas, but it cant do anything.

      34. Spirit makes a career, attitude decides everything.

      35. Having knowledge can change fate, and having ideals can change attitude.

      36. No one can casually succeed. It comes from thorough self-management and perseverance.

      37. Those who have a will will will do everything possible, while those who have no will will only feel a thousand difficulties.

      38. Faster, higher, stronger. Thats the gold medal.

      39. The pain of learning is temporary, and the pain of not learning is lifelong.

      40. Lets change prior consideration to prior thinking and planning.

      41. Dont make excuses for failure, but find ways for success.

      42. Without learning, there is no talent. Without ambition, there is no learning.

      43. Fighting for the final unified examination in May, who will be the king?

      44. Let the ending leave no regrets and make the process more perfect.

      45. Those who walk often arrive, and those who do often succeed.

      46. Those who always want to win will lose, and those who are not afraid of losing will win.

      47. No one climbs the mountain just to get to the mountainside. Why are you willing to be mediocre?

      48. There is no destiny that can be conquered without contempt, endurance and struggle.

      49. Only by working harder and earlier than others can we taste the taste of success.

      50. Think twice about everything, but what is more important than think twice is to think twice.




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