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    時間:2018-11-28 20:16:01 高考英語 我要投稿


      the sun shone bright onto my face, dancing on my eyelids.within a few seconds i opened my eyes to a new day so full of promise and hope, just like the morning sunshine. however, the lovely day would have to be a sad one, for id have to leave my home for college.


      turning around, my mother fied her eyes on the phone.blinking back tears, she forced her attention elsewhere. mum got herself busy and did all the things she needed to do. still,my rare silence made the house strangely empty. however, like the fledgling, i had to fly away and find my place in the world.she knew this in her mind, yet her heart was still saddened.

      time marched on and there was nothing we could do to stop it. soon we were in the running car, feeling the warm breeze on our faces. maybe its quite a suitable time to show love to each other, but neither of us said anything.the sun finally dipped below the horizon, and we were in different places. no calls from home, though i knew eactly what she was doing then. she must have turned away from the phone so as not to see it, and continued to do the endless house work as usual.

      no choice is perfect in the world. but i will always be grateful for the priceless gift that day gave me: the wisdom to know that all our eperience in life does not make us less but more able to love.